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Usually, whenever data is imported or exported from one system to another, the data is incompatible between the two. This introduces the need for transforming data into a more compliant format. In Transfer, this is achieved by using workers. A worker is a callable (class method or a function) that takes some data as the argument and returns modified data.

Here is an example of a worker that transforms a string from XML to CSV format:

use Transfer\Procedure\ProcedureBuilder;
use Transfer\Commons\Stream\Adapter\StreamAdapter;

$pb = new ProcedureBuilder();

    ->addSource(new StreamAdapter(fopen('xml_file.xml', 'r')))
    ->addWorker(function ($rawXmlString) {
        $node = simplexml_load_string($rawXmlString);

        return sprintf("First Name,Last Name\n%s,%s",
    ->addTarget(new StreamAdapter(fopen('csv_file.csv', 'w')));

Given an XML string:


It will be transformed into a CSV string, similary to this:

First Name,Last Name