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Procedures and processorsΒΆ

In Transfer, a procedure is a configuration of sources, workers and targets. These procedures are stored as objects and are then passed into a processor for processing.

One intuitive way of explaining procedures and processors is by a cooking example. Imagine you want to prepare a meal. You have a cooking recipe which consists of the necessary ingredients and instructions. Now, in order to prepare the meal you, as the cook, might look into the recipe to see which ingredients should be used and how they should be put together. In this analogy, the recipe is the procedure consisting of all the sources, workers and targets, and the processor is the cook that reads the procedure and carries out all the operations.

We use the ProcedureBuilder to create procedures:

use Transfer\Procedure\ProcedureBuilder;
use Transfer\Processor\SequentialProcessor;
// ...

$builder = new ProcedureBuilder();

$procedure = $builder
  ->addSource(new StreamAdapter(fopen('articles.xml'))
  ->addWorker(new XmlStringToXmlObjectTransformer())
  ->addWorker(new XmlObjectToDoctrineEntityTransformer())
  ->addTarget(new DatabaseAdapter());

$processor = new SequentialProcessor();


In the example above, a procedure is created and stored in the $procedure variable. This procedure is then added to the processor’s procedure queue. When all is set, the processor is told start processing the the procedures.